Interactive Simplex Noise Generator

Little program I wrote to help me generate a new background for my website. Instead of using Perlin Noise as I did in my previous noise generator, I now use Jonas Wagner's implementation of Simplex Noise. The latter shows a slightly more natural behaviour in the 3rd dimension (= change over time).

By the way, the cells react to your mouse movements (you might have to click inside the window first).

  • zoom - size of each cell
  • x/y-increment - overall roughness of the noise map
  • speed - basically the z-increment; determines how fast the noise map changes over time
  • octaves - number of noise layers; each additional layer provides the possibility to add more detail
  • amp persistance - "amp" means "amplitude"; determines how much each additional octave affects the noise map
  • freq increase - determines how much detail gets added with each additional octave
  • highpass - provides the ability to remove low noise values; for visuals only
  • cell displacement - controls how cells move diagonally
  • cell shrinkage - controls how much cell sizes reduce
  • mouse range - radius of cells that get affected by the mouse
  • mouse strength - ...